The 'Naturellement Zen' Trade Fair

salon-zenCome to Montluçon's Athanor Centre at the beginning of January

If you are looking for somewhere to relax in the middle of winter you could not
make a better choice than the 'Naturellement Zen' Fair at the beginning of January.

Devotees of Zen will find everything to interest them - from healthy diet using organic foods to how to be at peace with your body.
Exhibitors from all corners of France will be there to display their products, their techniques and their practical hints, as well as give a series of professional conferences on the subject of well-being.

Whether you are already an adept or just simply curious about alternative medicine, sculpting and relaxation techniques, or seeking dietary advice you will find what you need for your own personal equilibrium. Reflexology, sophrology, Reiki or even music therapy will rub shoulders with essential oils, organic products, magnetic jewellery and interior decoration. In short, you will find everything you need to be able to combine physical fitness, internal peace and quality of life.

A complete week-end filled with conferences and workshops led by the exhibitors, and exhibitions of sculpting, relaxing, cookery, books and Zen music.

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