The Boeuf-Villé Carnival

festival-boeuf-villeA bit of history
Each year, Montluçon celebrates the arrival of spring with the Boeuf-Villé carnival. This is the occasion for visitors and the townspeople of Montluçon to take to the streets in festive mood: breakfast in pyjamas, election of Miss Spring, fancy-dress parades, musical events, the confetti battle and not forgetting the firework display.
Every year the ideas for having fun get more numerous and more original with the sole aim of having young and old alike, in their own particular way, "Drive out Winter and usher in Spring".

Where does the carnival's name come from?
The Promenade du Boeuf Gras, Fête du Boeuf villé (in other words: parade around town), Fête du Boeuf viellé or violé (parade to the sound of the hurdy-gurdy or the viol) is a very ancient festive custom.
In Paris, and in most large towns in the 18th century, the traditional Fat Thursday event was for the apprentice butchers from each district to parade through the town to the sound of music, with their chosen round-necked bulls whose horns and gilded hooves had been decorated with garlands and flowers.

The Boeuf-Villé carnival takes place in March.
For more details, click on this link: Programme Carnaval du Boeuf-Villé 2012

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