Cookery Courses

ateliers culinairesCookery Courses run by the local chefs in the Montluçon Valley region

These courses are organised with the close collaboration of local Montluçon chefs and in particular our faithful chefs from the following restaurants: the Grenier à Sel, the Table de Reugny, the Château Saint-Jean, the Plaisir des Marais, and the Au Coeur de Meaulne.

Very simply, these renowned chefs open their kitchens to visitors and demonstrate how they apply their passion for the culinary art to the creation of their distinctive recipes.

They guide and help the participants to construct a menu - from starter to dessert - finishing, of course, by a session to sample all the dishes created by the students.

There's no better way for lovers of fine cuisine to taste the joys of the Bourbon's haute cuisine and to really set their taste buds tingling.