Conducted tours

chateau-duc-de-bourbonGuides are available for groups for certain tours throughout the year by appointment and depending on the availability of the guides. In the summer season a pre-established timetable of guides is available to individuals.

Group rates: from 3 € to 3.20 € per person depending on the size of the group.
Individual rate: 3 € per person and per visit.

Tour of the medieval town: 2 hours (all year round)
The medieval town, huddled around its ancient castle, has some magnificent 15th century half-timbered houses. Its narrow streets (now pedestrianised) take you in turn to: the 13th century Passage du Doyenné, Notre-Dame square with its Gothic church, surrounded by some superb 18th century mansions, rue de la Fontaine with its 16th century town houses, the area around Saint Peter's with its 15th century, well restored, half-timbered houses gathered around the 12th century church.

Tour of Saint Paul's church: 1 hour 30 mins (for individuals and only in the summer season)
Saint Paul's church is one of the very few churches in France built with a metal frame, by the renowned architect Louis-Auguste Boileau, in 1867. The metal structure was entirely cast and assembled in the foundries of the local Commentry-Fourchambault company. The cladding is in Bourré and Volvic stone. A classified historic monument

Walking tour along the Canal du Berry: 2 hours (for individuals and only in the summer season)
Learn the history of the Canal du Berry through its construction, the life of the bargees and the impact the canal had on Montluçon's industrial development.

Château de la Louvière: (for individuals and only in the summer season)
Inspired by the Petit Trianon in Versailles, the château de la Louvière and its gardens, registered in the supplementary list of Historic Monuments, were built in 1926 at the request of a local Montluçon industrialist. It was he who drew up the plans for the gardens, a subtle compromise between a French and an English garden. Within the grounds can be found several species of tree: lime, kiwi, cypress, magnolia, etc. Sculptures and aviaries adorn the site, and the orangery and the associated gallery are used for temporary art exhibitions.

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