L’agglo Rando Montluçonnaise

rando agglo montluçonnaiseThe local Agglo-rando-montluçonnaise (Montluçon ramble) is the opportunity to explore some unusual paths along the still-wild river banks, and to take advantage of some unexpected havens of peace and calm in beautiful settings full of Nature's greenery.
Circuits of differing difficulty take you right to the heart of the Bourbonnais countryside where the Bourbon dialect is still spoken, and from where you will be able to appreciate the magnificent views offered by the valley, and to explore the protected nature reserve and its relatively unknown heritage sites.
At your own pace, this is an excellent way of exploring the various villages in the region.
After the effort, comes the time for ramblers to relax with refreshments and a local musical accompaniment.

Contact: The Montluçon Valley Tourist Office
Tel: +33 (0)4 70 05 11 44
Email: contact@montlucontourisme.com
Website: http://www.montlucontourisme.com

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