Festival of French Songs

August in Montluçon - The Chanson Française Weekend

festival-chanson-francaise-montluconIn France, everything ends with a song!
The Chansons Françaises are very specific and special. Singing them
is an art in itself. Those of yesteryear differ from those of today and tomorrow's will be different again. They are part of French culture and evoke pleasant dreams, plenty of emotion and fond memories - it is appropriate to salute both the songs and those who keep them alive.

With this festival, Montluçon wishes to portray the widest possible range in this particular genre to the ever increasing numbers who attend year in year out. The 2010 edition brought together artists from around our native Auvergne, of course, but also from the four corners of France.

The Festival is an occasion for discovering new talent in the Chanson Française world, emerging artists who have already performed on stages around France, and to salute those artists that have been the driving force behind this particular style.

The programme covers all generations and helps to promote the lyricists and composers of this particular style, and offers a platform for local artists to make themselves known. Around 20 concerts, all with free admission, are scheduled in the heart of medieval Montluçon.

Each year, we receive increasing numbers of requests from artists wishing to take part in the Fringe Festival. And so, this year, the number of performances in the Fringe will be considerably increased, giving a platform to a maximum number of artists.

A weekend not to be missed!

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