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coulisse-des-métiersLes Coulisses des Métiers takes place from May to October

The inquiring mind…. how to take advantage of this programme
For the past six years the Montluçon Valley Tourist Office has been driving a very original and very successful programme. The idea, called "les Coulisses des Métiers" is to arrange visits to companies and craftsmen's workshops to broaden the knowledge of the rich depository of know-how in the region.
Launched originally by the Montluçon-Gannat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the main aim is to show the world the wealth of skills in the Montluçon Valley area.

The town has long been associated with a history of heavy industry and this very original initiative is a golden opportunity to show people how the region has rejuvenated itself.

At the same time, certain small companies and individual craftsmen are keen to make their know-how more widely known, and the visits give rise to some interesting and fruitful encounters between local entrepreneurs and the general public.
Several novel ideas are included in this year's edition, with now a total of more than sixty visits programmed giving a very wide view of the local socio-economic fabric and the skills that lie behind it.
To obtain the informative leaflet either drop in to collect it from the Tourist Office or download it from this website:

And, if there are any companies who would be interested in joining the scheme, they should make themselves known to the Tourist Office through the tourist officer Jérôme Goutaudier (Tel: +33 (0)4-70-05-11-44 and

The 2012 brochure can be downloaded from here: Programme 2012 des Coulisses des Métiers.

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